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Product Roadmap Update

  • July 13, 2018

Check out what’s ahead for our product and engineering teams on our latest product roadmap. Then read on below to learn more about some of the key projects keeping us busy these days!

Q2 2018 (Completed!)

Smart Contract. Launched the CashBet Coin smart contract, which is viewable at

CBC Manager. CBC Manager allows players to link their ERC20 wallet addresses and lock their CBC tokens within a CashBet iGaming account. This functionality is key to enabling use of CBC for VIP programs (see next item), and using CBC for gameplay (launching in Q3).

CBC VIP Program. We’ve launched the first instance of the CBC VIP Program on, which allows players to earn valuable token rewards and bonuses. Soon, we’ll enable our operating partners to launch their own CBC VIP programs as well!


Q3 2018 (In-Progress)

Isle of Man Gambling License. In late July, our executive team will be in front of the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission to accept the first Tier-1 crypto casino license. This would be an additional license on top of the two Tier-1 licenses we already hold with the Alderney Gambling Control Commission and UK Gambling Commission.

CBC eWallet — Deposits and Withdrawals. Enhancing the current CashBet eWallet to support CBC. This will enable CBC to be used as a payment method for deposits, and allow for winnings to be withdrawn back into the original ERC20 account used for deposits. Note: Withdrawal will not be supported on social gaming sites, where CBC used solely as a payment method and not in gameplay.

CryptoMillionsLotto Integration. Complete integration of CryptoMillionsLotto onto the CashBet platform, and enable use of CBC as a payment method.

Greentube Integration — Content. Integrate Greentube’s game content into our iGaming platform offering.

CBC Indirect Gameplay. Retrofit existing games that don’t currently support CBC to allow for CBC gameplay. This is described in Phase 2 of our whitepaper.

CryptoRGS. Launch CryptoRGS, our game server for crypto-enabled content. This allows us to offer regulated gaming content that takes both fiat and crypto wagers.

Swedish Gambling License Application. On August 1st, we intend to be one of the first operators to submit an application to Loterie Inspektion for a Swedish Gambling license under the new regime expected to go live on January 1, 2019.


Q4 2018

CBC Direct Gameplay. Ability to use CBC as a currency code directly within a game against a player’s CBC balance. This is described in Phase 3 of our whitepaper.

Greentube Integration — CBC Deposits. Enable players on Greentube’s GameTwist platform to purchase social casino virtual currency (Twists) using CBC.

First CBC-branded Game on CryptoRGS. Launch the first CBC-branded game on CryptoRGS. Slot titles will be developed to cater to players interested in playing with CBC, with the initial goal of producing an original crypto-enabled title per quarter.


Q1 2019

Fair Play: Provably Fair. Implement provably fair interface feature for games integrated into the CashBet platform.

CBC-branded Game on CryptoRGS. Continue our rollout of one new original crypto-enabled title per quarter.


Q2 2019

CryptoGo: State Channels for Wagering. Allow individual gambling transactions to be recorded on the blockchain as a bulk set of changes instead of as separate individual entries in the ledger, thereby allowing for speedier gameplay and reduced transaction fees.

CBC-branded Game on CryptoRGS. Continue our rollout of one new original crypto-enabled title per quarter.

Please note that we have adjusted timing for some of these deliverables from the original dates scoped in the whitepaper due to when ICO funding was ultimately received. We believe the above roadmap is aggressive, but attainable, and we’re continuing to optimize our resources to deliver against these goals successfully. We’ll be sharing our progress as we achieve these important milestones. In the meantime, let us know what you’d like to learn more about!