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CashBet is a safe, compliant, and responsible online gambling platform integrated in social and mobile games. Watch the video to learn more!

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Developers, Betify Your Games

Add the CashBet SDK to your game to get access to the growing real money gaming market, new revenue streams and greater monetization.

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Operators – Go Mobile

Increase engagement and awareness with your players. Add white label, mobile-first content and world-class back office to your online presence.

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  • Legal Cash Play for Game Developers

    Just install the CashBet SDK into your app. No licensing risks.
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    Building the World's Most Trusted Brand for Mobile Gambling

    Using CashBet, Game developers can now quickly and easily have their games be played for real money! This 100% legal service allows you to cash-in on opportunities not before available outside the world of online gambling.

    CashBet is a safe, compliant, and responsible online gambling platform that you integrate into your games. We support HTML5, as well as native IOS, and Android games.

Open up a World of Opportunities
  • Tap Into the World of LTV Opportunities

    Did you know that the lifetime value (LTV) of an online gambler can be as high as $1,800 or more? Compare that to the $2 - $5 average LTV of a casual game player. Your already successful game, plus the CashBet service equals new financial success.

  • Win-Win for Players and Developers Alike

    Using CashBet, your games will usher in a whole new era of online entertainment. Your players will love the opportunity to play for real money and you will love the profits.

Install CashBet SDK into your app today!

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